Q: How do I submit a story idea?

Send it to our editors using the feedback form. We get lots and lots of email. Our advice: Be brief and specific. If we have questions or would like more information, we’ll get back to you.

Q: How do I buy a back issue?

Email Teresa Foss at tfoss@stlmag.com with as much specific information you have about what you’re looking for (e.g., August 2007; The Best Lawyers issue from 2009…).

Q: Do you accept freelance submissions?

If you feel strongly about a piece of writing, feel free to submit it via our feedback form, along with why you think it’s a fit for SLM. Because of the volume of email and pitches we get, we can’t respond to every message.

Q: How do I submit an event to the SLM print calendar?

Please send a press release, or at the very least, details of your event (including date, time span, price if applicable, address, contact number, website and a short description) to assistant editor Stefene Russell, srussell@stlmag.com. Please note that events must be submitted at least two months prior to publication.

Q: How do I submit an event to the SLM event calendar online at stlmag.com?

We accept self-submissions for our online event calendar. Please click here to submit your event to our online calendar

Q: I’m planning a fundraiser that’s perfect for your Glitterati section. Who do I tell?

Email the details to assistant editor Nancy Curtis, nmcmullen@stlmag.com, who edits that section.

Q: Can I get a PDF of a particular story or one of my profiles? How much do you charge for reprints?

Contact advertising coordinator Dee Dee Douglas, ddouglas@stlmag.com, with the specific story you’re looking for and we will be happy to help you. Please include the issue, if you know it. You can read more about pricing for reprints and PDF requests here.

Q: When do new issues come out?

Generally speaking, issues hit subscribers' mailboxes around the third week of the month. Newsstand copies hit stores the last Tuesday of the month.

Q: Does your magazine have a ‘gift guide’?

Occasionally, a late fall/early winter issue of the magazine includes a gift guide advertising supplement; for that, please contact sales manager Alicia McCarty, amccarty@stlmag.com.

Q: Is there an SLM iPhone app?

Not yet, but it’s in process. If there’s something specific you’d love to see on it, let us know via our feedback form.

Q: When does my subscription expire?

Please contact Teresa Foss at 314.918.3000 or email tfoss@stlmag.com.

Q: Where can I purchase your magazine?

Dierbergs, Schnucks, Straub's, Barnes & Noble, Left Bank Books, World News, Jennifer’s Pharmacy, Pudd'nhead Books, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens. If you have additional questions, please contact Dede, circulation manager, at 314.918.3006.

Q: Where can I get a back issue?

Please contact Teresa Foss at 314.918.3000 or tfoss@stlmag.com, or visit our online Issue Archives.

Q: What is the price of a single copy?

$4.99 + tax & shipping and handling. Click here to buy a back issue.

Q: What is the price of a subscription?

You can buy a subscription to St. Louis Magazine(12 issues) for $19.95. Subscribe here.

 Q: I am interested in having St. Louis Magazine involved as a sponsor of my upcoming event or fundraiser. Who do I talk to?

SLM is always interested in hearing about opportunities to support our community. We would love to hear how our publications can get involved. Please complete this form or contact Erin Duree at eduree@stlmag.com.

Q: I am interested in advertising with your magazine. Who do I contact to get more information?

We would love to talk to you! To request a media kit, complete this form, or contact sales director, Alicia McCarty at 314.918.3043 or amccarty@stlmag.com.

Q: Where do I send a press release?

For general press releases, please send to Jarrett Medlin, editor-in-chief, at jmedlin@stlmag.com. Otherwise, please see below.

Q: Do you offer special advertising rates for non-profits?

Yes, we do! Please contact sales manager, Alicia McCarty, at 314.918.3043 or amccarty@stlmag.com for more information.

Q: How many issues do you publish each year?

St. Louis Magazine publishes 12 issues a year and St. Louis At Home publishes 4 times a year.  Our newest publication, St. Louis Family, is published twice a year.

Q: Something’s wrong with your website. Who do I tell?

Contact Nancy Curtis, nmcmullen@stlmag.com, and be as specific as possible about where you are on the site and what you were trying to do. Please also include your operating system and browsers (e.g., "I’m on a PC, using Internet Explorer….").