We work hard to deliver a superior city magazine to our readers every month. SLM Media Group is proud to say that our hard work and dedication has not gone unrecognized. Here is a list of the awards our publications—and community service projects—have received over the past decade. 

City and Regional Magazine Association Awards (CRMA)

Finalist, Reporting: Jeannette Cooperman, "A Tragedy No One Saw Coming"
Finalist, Ancillary: Home/Shelter: St. Louis At Home

Finalist, Personality Profile: Jeannette Cooperman, "Deconstructing Cassilly"
Finalist, Ancillary Publication: St. Louis At Home

Finalist, Column: Ray Hartmann ("A Hero's Unwelcome," "Max Starkloff's Revolution," "At War With the Girl (Scouts) Next Door")
Finalist, Reporting: Jeannette Cooperman ("A Family Erased")
Finalist, Reporting: Jeannette Cooperman and Jarrett Medlin ("Twist of Fate")
Finalist, Leisure/Lifestyle Interests: "Big River" (May 2011)
Finalist, Community Service Project: Excellence in Nursing Awards
Finalist, Community Service Project: Food Wine Design

Finalist, General Excellence II category
Finalist, Civic Journalism (for Jeannette Cooperman’s “Tough Kids Turning”)
Finalist, Community Service Project category (for Excellence in Nursing)
Finalist, Community Service Project category (for FEVER Fashion Show)

Winner, Redesign category
Finalist, Community Service Project category (for FEVER Fashion Show)

Silver Award, General Excellence II category

Silver Award, General Excellence II category

Silver Award, General Excellence II category
Gold Award, Ancillary Publication I category (St. Louis AT HOME)
Bronze Award, Leisure/Lifestyle Interest category

Bronze Award, General Excellence I category
Bronze Award, Excellence Online category

Great Plains Journalism Awards


 Magazine Cover: "101 Things Every St. Louisan Must Do"
 Magazine  Writer of the Year: William Powell
 Magazine  Profile Writing: Jeannette Cooperman, "The Complex Legacy of Father Biondi"
 Finalist: News Writing, Magazine: Jeannette Cooperman, "A Tragedy No One Saw Coming"
 Finalist: Feature Writing, Magazine: William Powell, "The Fifth Quarter"
 Finalist: Column Writing, Magazine: Ray Hartmann, "Think Again"
 Finalist: Magazine Photography: Whitney Curtis, "High Hopes"

 Magazine of the Year
 Magazine Column Writing: Ray Hartmann, "Think Again"
 Magazine Page Design: Lindsay Timme
 Magazine Feature Writing: William Powell, "Remember the Beach"
 Magazine News Writing: Jeannette Cooperman, "Chasing the Dragon"

 Magazine Writer of the Year, Jeannette Cooperman
 Magazine Column Writing, Ray Hartmann
 Magazine Feature Writing, Jeannette Cooperman
 Magazine Page Design, Frozen Desserts feature, August 2011 issue

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Ranly Awards (Missouri Association of Publications)

First Place, Best Entire Issue: St. Louis Magazine's August 2011
First Place, Best Cover: St. Louis Magazine's April 2011
First Place, Best Single Article Presentation: "Frozen Delight" (August 2011)
First Place, Best Single Written Article: "In the Time of Cholera" by Jeannette Cooperman
First Place, Best Overall Blog: Relish on by George Mahe
First Place, Best Overall Writing: 
Finalist, Best Single Written Article: "Want to Know a Secret? Jerry Berger Will Tell You Anything" by Jeannette Cooperman
Finalist, Best Single Written Article: "Twist of Fate" by Jeannette Cooperman and Jarrett Medlin
Finalist, Best Writing, Entire Issue: St. Louis Magazine's December 2011
Finalist, Best Photo Story: "Portrait of a Neighborhood"
Finalist, Best Entire Website:
Finalist, Best Overall Website Design, 

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First Place, Best Writing, Entire Issue: St. Louis Magazine's May 2010
First Place, Best Entire Issue: St. Louis Magazine's August 2010
First Place, Best Overall Website Design:
First Place, Best Single Article Presentation: “Losing It” by Jeannette Cooperman
First Place, Best Single Written Article: “The Fall”